How to Build Trust with Your Clients

In this blog post, I have outlined some of the fundamental principles I follow when it comes to building trust with my clients.

Be 100% transparent

Before I begin working with my clients, I ensure that I am 100% transparent about my perspective on a specific subject. If I think that a product or service that I am about to promote has competitive strengths, I outline these strengths.

However, I do not stay silent when I have doubts about the potential for a client’s successful business future. I voice my concerns when needed. I even reject projects that may potentially bring me profit if I have doubts about the working relationship. However, I reject working on these projects in an extremely respectful manner to keep the client connection.

Understand how your clients think

You might have a different opinion, but based on my experience, all businesses are about relationships. Whether you work with analytical, structural, social, or conceptual thinkers, you must understand your client’s perspective.

  • Analytical thinkers will expect you to deliver data and logic.
  • Structural thinkers will want to see promise in your action. Precision and dedication are the keys here. This type of client will expect you to work hard.
  • Social thinkers will focus on their relationships with you. A collaborative and open working relationship will help them build trust with you.
  • Conceptual thinkers will want to see how you understand the big picture/grand vision, and they will want to see how you can design the proper steps to achieve this grand vision. (I consider myself to be a conceptual thinker.)

Be Aware of Your Actions and Behavior

Your client is always watching you. The higher the pay, the more dedicated and watchful your potential client will be. Every action of yours must be well-thought and well-balanced. And, depending on the type of your client, you will want to follow one approach or the other in both verbal and non-verbal communication forms.

  • Quiet clients will want to see you “creating space” in your communication. Make sure you pause and listen in your communication with this type of client.
  • Active clients will appreciate you challenging them and their thinking. Energetic discussions spark creativity and, thus, will make them feel happy about the work progress.

Last bit of advice

Be flexible and open-minded. No matter what type of agreement you make with your clients, be ready to switch gears and change your approach if the situation demands it. Even if it feels overwhelming and challenging at first, stay patient, change your workflow, and be willing to help your client.

It’s a matter of keeping your dignity.

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