Over 35% of Crypto Startups Founded in 2021-2023 Are Already Dead

The cryptocurrency landscape has been a hotbed of innovation, offering exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. 2021-2023 witnessed a surge in the establishment of crypto startups, driven by the rapid expansion of blockchain technology and decentralized applications. However, a recent study conducted by our office has revealed a startling trend – over 35% of these once-promising startups have become obsolete within a short span of time.

The Study: Unveiling Alarming Statistics

The Analysis: Revealing Disturbing Trends

KV LLC initiated a comprehensive analysis by dispatching 200 emails to crypto startups established in 2021-2023. A notable outcome emerged: 71 emails did not reach their intended recipients, constituting approximately 35% of the total. This suggests a significant issue, implying the demise of these startups. However, it’s important to acknowledge that some remaining startups might also be facing challenges, despite maintaining active email addresses.

This inability to establish basic communication serves as a clear red flag, hinting at the possibility that these startups might have ceased operations or fallen into a state of dormancy. The situation calls for careful consideration and further investigation into the state of the crypto startup ecosystem.

Inactive organizations:

  • Unu Labs
  • Myne Crypto
  • Cointelli
  • Betconix
  • Daliado
  • Sparkles
  • NFT Cloud
  • Mintdropz
  • REV3AL
  • Raion
  • Pocketwo
  • Robinland
  • Metaforo
  • NewTribe Capital
  • SoulMade
  • KAKI Options
  • RDX
  • NFT Commander
  • MetaGameHub DAO
  • MindMiner
  • Narfex
  • Tracer DAO
  • SuperFarm
  • Minti
  • Soundmint
  • Playdex
  • Return Protocol
  • Notebook Labs
  • Lazerpay
  • Kalder
  • Nibiru Chain
  • Treehouse Finance
  • Ecoverse
  • Gummys TV
  • Artozo
  • GammaX
  • Backed Finance
  • Dexfolio
  • Gravis Finance
  • Guildx
  • FLUID Finance
  • Drops
  • Ensurre
  • Februar
  • End-Labs
  • Few and Far
  • Earnity
  • Entendre Finance
  • Entropy
  • AlloyX
  • Fonsori
  • Augmint
  • tracebooks
  • Veranos
  • HIDN Technologies
  • Katchit
  • Fragmentalis
  • Geniuschains
  • Gymber
  • Kwaza Games
  • CoinHomes
  • CoolCo
  • MinMax Al

Signs of Demise: Finance Applications, Metaverse Projects, and DAO Applications

The study’s findings uncovered a disturbing pattern among the crypto startups that have fallen by the wayside. While various sectors were represented among the casualties, three prominent categories stood out: finance applications, metaverse projects, and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) applications.

  1. Finance Applications: The fintech revolution was expected to be a driving force within the cryptocurrency space. However, many startups that focused on creating innovative financial solutions have evidently failed to gain traction or maintain their momentum. This raises questions about the viability of these ideas or the challenges they faced in a highly competitive market.
  2. Metaverse Projects: The concept of the metaverse captured the imagination of both investors and users, promising a virtual realm of endless possibilities. Unfortunately, a significant number of startups aiming to create metaverse platforms or applications have faded into obscurity. This highlights the difficulty of executing such ambitious projects and the hurdles associated with creating immersive digital experiences.
  3. DAO Applications: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations garnered attention for their potential to reshape traditional organizational structures. Yet, a notable proportion of startups exploring DAO applications have failed to achieve their objectives. This suggests that implementing decentralized decision-making processes and ensuring community engagement may be more challenging than anticipated.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The cryptocurrency industry remains a dynamic and evolving space, where innovation is constantly tested against market realities. The demise of over 35% of reputable crypto startups founded in 2021-2023 serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

This sobering trend underscores the importance of thorough market research, realistic goal-setting, and sustainable business models. While the allure of groundbreaking technologies is undeniable, the path to success in the crypto landscape extremely challenging.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to mature, the lessons learned from these fallen startups can guide future endeavors. By understanding the factors that contributed to their decline, stakeholders can adapt their approaches, refine their strategies, and contribute to the growth of a more resilient and thriving crypto industry.


The crypto startup boom of 2021-2023 promised innovation, disruption, and a glimpse into the future of finance and technology. However, the stark reality revealed by KV LLC‘s study serves as a wake-up call. Over 35% of these promising ventures have either succumbed to the pressures of the market or languished in a state of dormancy.

As the crypto community reflects on this disheartening revelation, it’s essential to remember that failure is an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey. While setbacks are inevitable, they also provide valuable insights that can shape future successes. By learning from the mistakes and missteps of the past, the cryptocurrency industry can continue to evolve, adapt, and thrive in the face of challenges.

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