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How to Build Trust with Your Clients

In this blog post, I have outlined some of the fundamental principles I follow when it comes to building trust with my clients.

Be 100% transparent

Before I begin working with my clients, I ensure that I am 100% transparent about my perspective on a specific subject. If I think that a product or service that I am about to promote has competitive strengths, I outline these strengths.

However, I do not stay silent when I have doubts about the potential for a client’s ...

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3 Practical Steps to Make a Good Deal

How to make a good deal? There are a lot of creative individuals in the world, although not everyone manages to close good deals. Highly qualified individuals oftentimes make mistakes by not properly establishing connections between themselves and their potential business partners. In this article, I’m going to share some of the practical steps I follow when it comes to closing deals with potential clients or business partners.

Practical Steps to Make a Good Deal: Know Your Counterparty

The first step is ...

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The Biggest Deals Arrive When You Stick to Your Principles

The key to long-term success in business is a virtue.

Great Deal That Works

When one counterparty receives more than he/she deserves to receive, the other counterparty catches up on it pretty quickly. No matter how good the initial deal is, if, in the long run, your partner perceives that their role is a losing position, the project will eventually, and most likely, shut itself down.

A startup’s high level of competitiveness comes when it walks an extra mile. To outcompete monsters like ...

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